Faculty of Computing & Information Technology

ICDL is the world's leading end-user computer skills certification programme. It is internationally recognised as the global benchmark for end-user computer skills and is the leading certification to be adopted by governments, international organisations and corporations alike.

  • The ICDL certifies that the holder has knowledge of the essential concepts of IT and is able to use a personal computer and common computer applications at a recognised level of competence
  • The ICDL is a test of practical skills and competencies
  • The ICDL is a recognised standard for computer literacy
  • The ICDL consist of 7 modules at a basic and intermediate level

The ICDL tests practical skills and competencies over the following modules:

Module 1: Concepts of Information Technology

Module 2: Using the Computer & Managing files

Module 3: Word Processing

Module 4: Spreadsheets

Module 5: Databases

Module 6: Presentation

Module 7: Information & Communication

Network Professionals