International Diploma in Computer Studies

The unit aims to develope the skills to study at an appropriate level, and the ability to continue professional development and engage with lifelong learning. The unit incorporates things skills which can be applied to business problems in the IT domain; foundations of data handling and statistical analysis skills; and communication skills for both technical/professional and academic purpose

This unit provides you with an introduction to the context of software development and the description of a method and support notations

This unit provides the learner with the skills to develope advanced feature of office software and to employ and adapt them to support business administration

This unit aims to give you a thorough knowledge of web coding in (X)HTML and CSS, and an understanding ofwebsite design and testing. The first topic introduces the worldwide web (WWW), and CSS in detail in order to equip you with skills and knowledge to build effective websites. The module finishes by considering the design the design and in particular user-centred approaches to the design and evaluation.

The unit aims to give you a through grounding in practical techniques for the design and development of database systems
and the theoritical frameworks that underpin them.

This unit aims to provide you with an underslying knowledge of the computer hardware components and peripherals commonly found in a business environment, different approaches to the connection and architecture of these components, and an understanding of approaches to trouble shooting these systems